New Balance 801 ML801BEA
New Balance 801 ML801BEA
New Balance 801 ML801BEA
New Balance 801 ML801BEA

New Balance 801 ML801BEA



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The NEW BALANCE 801 ML801BEA ORION BLUE/ OYSTER trail sneakers boast a C-CAP midsole that provides unbelievable cushioning. The breathable mesh and leather upper, inspired by the first silhouettes of the 90's, guarantees durable cushioning and greater support.

Don´t forget to protect and care for your shoes

Take care and protect your sneakers with Crep Protect, specialized products that go from the application of a protective film for your sneakers (Crep Protect Spray) to its cleaning (Crep Protect Cure) without incorporating toxic products respecting the environment. You know, you accompany your sneakers of the best protection!

Available Crep Protect Gel Insoles CP0 Black

CrepGel Insoles CP0

The Crep Protect Gel Insoles CP0 Black are constructed with anti-friction fabric that protects skin by reducing friction caused by rubbing, heat and sweat.

They feature an antibacterial effective shield, which resists the growth of odor causing bacteria; arch support and cushioning gel structures together with a Metatarsal pad to help dissipate impacts.

They are available in a range of sizes. Cut to size if required and simply place into sneaker.

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